Weekend at Diana Chapman's/Pictures

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 10 Feb 2006 16:52:36 PST
Hi Andrew,

This is a late response to your question about whether anyone took 
pictures. I'm sure many of us took pictures of the plants, the greenhouses, 
and the people. Some of the plants in bloom were plants we already have 
pictures of on the wiki. Susan has promised to add pictures of Diana's 
plants to the wiki as she takes pictures for Diana's website if those 
plants are not already pictured. We have a good  picture of Oxalis 
palmifrons with the fake bloom, but I'm afraid that would just be confusing 
to people who did not read carefully. I took a number of pictures of some 
of the nice color varieties Diana has of Oxalis purpurea but I assume Susan 
will be adding them to the wiki one of these days. Also I took a number of 
pictures of Oxalis comosa, a plant I got at the IBS auction which was 
supposed to be one of Michael Vassar's favorites from his collection. It 
has not liked Northern California or maybe just Gualala and therefore has 
not been a favorite of mine. Plants this year haven't even appeared. I 
heard Diana, Ron, and Harold suggesting that Michael's O. comosa plants 
might really just be Oxalis obtusa. The ones at Diana's were really 
wonderful. Also she told me one of the Oxalis purpureas of hers that I was 
admiring that only occasionally blooms for me is much happier in greenhouse 
conditions. Her plants were covered with blooms.

I have a number of pictures of people leaning over pots to get a better 
look, but am not sure how interesting they would be to anyone.

Mary Sue

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