Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 10 Feb 2006 16:27:39 PST
Dear all,

I'm catching up with some of the latest posts. That was a beautiful picture 
from Bill Dijk of Weldenia candida. At this stage in my addicition I 
appreciate seeing pictures of things I shouldn't try to grow since they 
need such different conditions than I can easily give them so I shouldn't 
even think of wanting them. I am also grateful to Dennis Szeszko who did 
such a nice job of setting up the wiki page for Weldenia. Dennis if you 
ever get a chance to see the other species in the wild, it would be 
wonderful to have a picture for the wiki. I am sure you are correct that 
none of the rest of us would have much of a clue about it.

Tsuh Yang asked: "but i guess i didn't know there were any that were 
tuberous or geophytical.  are there any others in the family?"

This statement from Dennis is on the Wiki Weldenia page:
"This rare and unusual genus belongs to the Commelinaceae family, or 
Spiderworts, that includes plants such as Dichorisandra, Tradescantia, and 
Commelina. " I've never heard of Dichorisandra, but aren't there tuberous 
or geophytic Tradescantia and Commelinas?

Mary Sue 

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