[Fwd: Re: gladiolus]

Arnold Trachtenberg arnold@nj.rr.com
Mon, 20 Feb 2006 11:41:29 PST
I received this from a PBS member.

Gladiolus watsonius- A small plant producing a single round leaf. The 
flower spike emerges from the base of the leaf. This species is a rather 
vigorous, if dainty plant and in the second year has 6-8 bulblets 
sprouting around the base of the main bulb. It blooms in early to mid 
February (2/15/00 and 2/5/01) and has 2-3 buds. Each flower lasted 6-7 
days. The flowers are burnt orange in color with the center of the 
flower, especially the "hood" petal being a pale yellow with some 
veining of the orange color. The flowers have no scent, are spidery in 
form and span 3" in diameter. They are strongly zygomorphic

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