Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:23:02 PST
Hi Arnold,

The corms you got were from Bob Werra. He grows Gladiolus watsonius very 
successfully and there is a picture on the wiki of his plants in flower. It 
looks like this was just a spelling error that no one caught. I expect we 
all need to be a little more vigilant looking at the BX offerings. 
Sometimes I note something that looks like a questionable name or spelling 
and if I'm really busy don't send a message to the group about this. Dell 
no doubt just accepts the name the people give him. We can't expect him to 
research every name with all the time he puts in with the BX. Please help 
us get the names right everyone.

I am also guilty of misspelling this plant on the wiki. It's not one I grow 
(although Bob has given me corms so that has changed) and I didn't look 
carefully at his spelling when I added his picture to the wiki. Thanks to 
your questioning we have cleared this up and I have made the correction.

When we visited Diana, she had this species in bloom. It is really very 
pretty. I took a nice side view picture of it which I could add to the wiki 
unless Susan has a better one which she is planning to add.

Mary Sue

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