Sternbergia question

John Lonsdale
Fri, 10 Feb 2006 10:33:09 PST
Hi Angelo,

Sternbergia candida and fischeriana are flowering outside 
at the moment and both are beautiful (and large flowered) 
additions to the garden.  Their flowers are certainly 
larger than any of the S. lutea I grow, although not 
massively so.  I the case of S. fischeriana the flowers do 
vary in size from individual to individual (but the one I 
sent you came from my largest-flowered group.  They do 
both take time to settle down after transplanting.  I'll 
check the scent on S. candida, although we are cold now 
and expecting a major snowstorm tommorow.  I don't have 
any of these under glass, other than non-flowering size 

All the best,


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