Weldenia candida

Bill Dijk daffodil@xnet.co.nz
Wed, 08 Feb 2006 18:36:58 PST
Hi Folks,

On the subject of the beautiful Weldenia candida, that Hans Joschko
interestingly brought up, I have to agree with Paul and Brian that this is a
stunning plant when in flower.
I was fortunate to see this tuberous rooted plant in full glory when it
flowered for the first time late spring early summer.
It bears a succession of upright, cup-shaped, pure white flowers for many
weeks, with many buds opening almost daily.
This plant came originally from Lesley Cox from the South Island, a very 
good grower and
capable lady, who grew it from seed..
Unfortunately it has not set seed for me, perhaps next season.
I have put a picture on the wiki, so go and have a look.

Bill Dijk


Weldenia candida: Genus of one species of tuberous perennial, grown for its
flowers, from the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala, where it was first
found in the crater of a volcano.
Half hardy. Needs sun, with some shade in warm climates, and gritty, well
drained soil.
Keep dry from autumn until late winter.
Is suitable for glass/alpine houses.
Propagate by root cuttings in winter or by divisions in early spring.


> I'm really surprised that not any grows Weldenia in this group - is this
> such a rare plant ?
> I hope and wait for any growing information's -thanks.
> Many greetings
> Hans

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