Weekend at Diana's- Oxalis palmifrons

Bill Dijk daffodil@xnet.co.nz
Wed, 08 Feb 2006 18:19:48 PST
Hi Folks,

I have not put any pictures on the wiki lately, so while on the subject of
Oxalis palmifrons, I have to agree that initially, it is shy to flower,
except this season.
After many years of superficial neglect and left in the same container,
(normally not recommended) O.palmifrons finally put up some sort of display,
worthy for a Oxalis to show.
When at last I tipped the containers of bulbs just recently, I discovered
more bulbs than sandy mixture left in some of the polystyrene container.
I presume they like to be rootbound and baked when dormant.
I will put up a picture on the wiki again, for anyone to have a look at.


Best wishes,

Bill Dijk


> Sheila from Australia has gotten it to bloom as there is a picture from
> her
> on the wiki. Has anyone else? Lauw must not have noticed the (unattached)
> in my message.
> Mary Sue
>>Oxalis palmifrons had this large white (unattached) flower in the middle
>>of the leaves.

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