Mon, 13 Feb 2006 09:01:45 PST
hello alberto and all,

> Hi Tsuh:

just a short clarification, my first name is tsuh yang
(i just don't use a hyphen).  thanks...  :-)

> As you said, this is not a geophyte nor
> is Weldenia or Commelina 
> dianthifolia. Dichorisandra is a subtropical plant
> that grwos wild in the 
> forest edges of NE Argentina, Paraguay and S.
> Brazil. Common crops in the 
> region include manihot, sugarcane, babanas and tea.
> It can stand strong full 
> sun and it flowers for almost nine months is a
> really hot north facing spot. 
> It is undemanding under such conditions and becomes
> a well branching "shrub" 
> up to 3 metres tall. Despite being of subtropical
> origin it can stand 
> drought well although this is not of course, the
> best for it

i have seen D. growing in the forest when travelling
in southern brazil.  but i have only seen it in bloom
at the botanical garden here in NYC (brooklyn, that
is).  in the NYBG (in the bronx), they grow the
exquisite Cochliostemma, which i already mentioned,
that has beautiful flowers and looks like a bromelia. 
i believe they are fragrant too.

older houseplants books mentioned another D. with more
silver-veining in the leaves, i think it was D.
reginae.  is that name still vallid, i wonder?

tsuh yang

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