Slide Scanning request - maybe off topic

John T Lonsdale
Mon, 13 Feb 2006 05:09:25 PST
I've not taken any slide film in the last 5 years and recently made the move
to all digital presentations.  As an aside, anyone looking for a digital
projector could do far worse than consider the Sharp XR-10X I've recently
bought - it is superb and 'only' cost $900.  As luck would have it I've been
asked to give a couple of talks on Primulas, which I grew in the UK, but I
have no digital images, only slides.  Is there anyone within the USA who has
the time, skill and energy to scan up to 100 slides for me, and send me the
digital images in a format that perfectly replicates the slide?  The latter
is important as friends have scanned slides for me in the past and the
images have been unusable, even unfixable in Photoshop.  I would be more
than willing to provide some plants/bulbs/seeds in exchange.






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