Floral Architecture
Sat, 28 Jan 2006 09:37:24 PST
Jim and Glen et al,
  Here are some links that I found some time ago. While they are all in Japanese, the photos stand for themselves.
  I have the pleaseure of growing a few of them. I have one wonderful variegated plant that was smuggled years ago by an employer from Japan. It was in her father's bonsai collection. It is a VERY slow growing plant. I got it about 6 or 7 years ago as a single division at about 5" tall. It is now 7" tall with one offset just starting to form. And I though Clivia were slow. 
  But, I have others that have a white stripe on the edge of the plant that grow rather well. I got it was a 1 gallon pot that I divided up into 6 plants (mostly 1 gallon size) last year. Those pots are now ready for dividing. Most of these plants don't have the same strong white stripe on the leaf but most have a faint one. 
  I've looked at several Japanese owned nurseries here in LA and had very little luck. They were just the same variety that I have plenty of with the faint stripe. 
  I wish that I could get the finely variegated variety to grow faster. One offset in 6 years doesn't make for a showy plant. If it weren't for the beautiful pattern on the leaves, this plant would have been tossed years ago. 
  I have the plain green variety planted in Canton, OH at my uncle's house. This will be it's second winter. The first fall that I planted it, I divided it into several smaller clumps. The fall planting did not seem to have any ill effects. I don't remember it setting any seeds. 

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