Glen Pace
Sat, 28 Jan 2006 05:19:44 PST
> I wrote a bit for the Alpine L group about Rohdea.


Thank you for writing about the Rohdeas and putting the info on the PBS 
site.  A friend had forwarded the information to me from the Alpine_L, but I 
had not received the photos.  I am sure that there must be people selling 
this plant in the U.S. other than PDN and Asiatica.  If anybody in the group 
knows where one can buy the cultivars please write to the list for everybody 
or you can Email me privately.

For those who have not tried this zone 6-7 reputed plant, it does grow in my 
Michigan zone 5 climate and I am thrilled to have it.  The seeds have not 
come up when planted outside, but I have had great success with starting 
them indoors in plastic bags on damp paper towel.

Thanks in advance for any information the group can give on purchasing these 
wonderful plants.

Glen Pace
Pace Gardens  MI  USDA zone 5

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