C. moorei X C. americanum

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Fri, 06 Jan 2006 17:20:43 PST
Hi Gang,

I like to think of these hybrids as "the rest of the story."  I don't know if 
they are closely related to 'Dwarf' (Hannibal's Dwarf), but they remind me of 
that garden charmer.  These hybrids share the same parents (same parent 
species).  Thus, I imagine that 'Dwarf' could have "siblings or cousins" with 
different colors and/or vigor, etc.  

The plants shown in the link are from a cross that is similar to that which 
produced 'Dwarf'.  C. americanum seems to be monotypic (I have some from the 
South Florida that seem essentially identical to some I have collected in East 
Texas, although they do have smaller stature than forms I have seen in East 
Texas.  However, C. moorei is a confusing plant, there are pink forms and white 
forms (i.e., var Schmidtii), and a dark pink form called C. moorei rubra.  
Apparently one of the parents of 'Dwarf' was C. moorei rubra, but that is not 
necessarily the case with the plants in the link below.  It seems likely that 
there are some garden plants called C. moorei that may really be C. moorei-like 
hybrids, and perhaps one or more of these was used to produce the flowers seen 

Nonetheless, the photos on this page show a series of charming and pretty 
flower types that resemble some aspects of 'Dwarf', including the small size.  
The plants do not make aggressive, big flowers, or fragrance powerhouses, but 
they are attractive and in cool weather, or not-too-hot sun, have exquisite and 
delicate pink colors.  

LINK:  C. moorei X C. americanum



Conroe Joe

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