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> What you grow may very well be a hybrid as there has been a lot of 
> hybridizing of this genus and even the sarniensis hybrids often have other 
> species in their mix. It would be interesting to see if you changed the way 
> you are treating your plants, if it would change when they grow and bloom.

Hi Gang,

Thanks for all your notes.  The season of growth was something I wondered 
about.  This year was a pretty dry summer.  I kept thinking I would take the 
plant in but I left it out and it just sort of cycled on its own, dying down by 
later spring.  However, the offsets (the smaller bulbs) did stay green all 

I didn't put it in a lot of sun, but it got very bright light and perhaps 1/3 
the amount of water I would give a summer growing bulb.  When cool weather 
came, it has still been a dry year.  However, there were some fall rains and the 
major bulbs leafed out in the combination of shorter days, cooler weather, 
and a bit of fall rain.  So, now I water it every week or 10 days; there are 
about 5-6 duck-egg-sized bulbs in a 10-inch pot.  

There was a cold spell about a month ago, and the leaves did their usual cold 
weather trick.  If it doesn't get too cold (23-25 F for a few hours at most), 
the leaves don't freeze but they collapse and don't really get back their 
full turgor for a week or two.  But, they don't die and they recover OK, without 
burns, etc.  

I like the idea that it might be a winter grower hybridized with something 
else.  Thanks again for all the input, I'll try to post a photo.  


Conroe Joe

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