To grow, or not to grow

Fri, 06 Jan 2006 13:31:51 PST
Hello to all,

This is somewhat technical, but of interest to a number of list readers I hope!  It is from Stanford University's Science Mailer.

Gary in Hilo, HI

Adverse growth conditions, such as excess drought and salinity, tend to 
cause stunted growth in plants. Achard et al. (p. 91) now show that this 
growth restraint is an actively controlled process, not simply a by-product
of disrupted metabolism. The growth restraint is imposed by DELLA proteins,
normally localized to the cell nucleus. Arabidopsis has five related DELLA 
proteins encoded in its genome. The DELLA family of proteins seems to 
integrate hormonal and environmental signals in order to fine-tune the 
balance between growth and survival.


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