Oxalis aquatica/natans

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Mon, 30 Jan 2006 15:18:23 PST
Dear All,

Thank you all for the echo on my short contribution! I made a mistake: it is 
not Oxalis aquatica but Oxalis natans that I meant, I just wrote the name from 
memory and your reaction made me look up the source I got this name from. It is 
 Martyn Rix' book 'Growing Bulbs' and I quote a passage on Page 3: "Some water 
plants that grow in seasonal pools have evolved tuberous rhizomes with which to 
survive the dry season; examples are many tropical waterlilies (Nymphaea) and 
several Aponogeton species. An interesting group of plants are most highly 
evolved in South Africa; they are semi-aquatic members of primarily 
terrestsrial genera which live in vleis, such as Romulea aquatica, Dipidax 
triquetra, and Oxalis natans, a beautiful but rare and endangered species in 
which the leaves and flowers float on the surface of the water" Sounds great, 
doesn't it?
So I think confusion with Marsilea which is related to ferns is excluded and 
Marsilea is available in the trade. Any source of this most desirable plant 

greetings rom Germany, Uli

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