OT: of shiitakes and peppercorns

piaba piabinha@yahoo.com
Mon, 30 Jan 2006 14:45:37 PST
bonaventure, my mother would have skinned you alive
for such offense...  as bill said, the liquid from
soaking dried up shiitakes is a wonderful addition for
soups and stews...  what a waste!!!!

when i was a kid, i was trying to help my mother and
an aunt in the kitchen and i made a huge mistake.  i
opened a can of canned abalone, and i did the same
with the liquid, i poured it down the drain.  i'm
surprised i lived to tell the tale...

dr. waddick, thanks for the correction on the sichuan
peppercorns.  i read about them in a culinary news
article, and of course i should have done some
research but i didn't, i just took them at their word
that it is a citrus.

i enjoy having sichuan peppercorns in my food, but not
too much.  they leave a lingering, interesting taste
in your tongue if you put too much of it.  

jim mckinney, since i know you'd like this, you should
try SPC on sauteed conch, with chili pepper sauce...

tsuh yang

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