NOT Eleutherococcus and further OT

James Waddick
Mon, 30 Jan 2006 14:24:03 PST
	The importation of Sichuan pepper was prohibited a few years 
ago when USDA in their wisdom decided it could harbor Citrus Canker. 
Brigades of agents scoured Asian markets across the US and destroyed 
every packet of spice in sight.

	They are now allowed entry if they have been heat treated (I 
believe at 140F for a certain period of time). So national spice 
dealers (such as Penzey's) are again offering them by mail order, 
they are slower to return to smaller Oriental and Indian Markets.

	During the entire US prohibition they were still allowed to 
be sold in Canada, but admittedly they have a lesser citrus industry. 
Of course so does Missouri (my home state), but that's another story. 
This meant that one in need of one of the most basic Chinese spices 
could only obtain it by illegally bringing it over the border, do 
without or eat in Sichuan

	Incidentally Sichuan Pepper is actually Zanthoxylum simulans 
or piperitum in the Family Rubiaceae with various species used in 
Japan and elsewhere. See

	The North American Prickly Ash (Zanthoxylum americanum) is a 
common understory tree, but 17 other  North American species include 
endangered inhabitants from Hawaii to the Caribbean.

		Not a bulbous plant.		best	Jim W.
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