Canna Hybrids
Mon, 09 Jan 2006 16:48:03 PST
Hi Gang,

I've enjoyed working with Marcelle Sheppard to document some of her plant 
breeding successes (and failures) over the years.  Truly, I enjoy the chance to 
pick up a hobby unrelated to my day-job.  Moreover, the added benefit is that, 
on some days, Marcelle says, "Here, try these seeds."  

In addition to Crinum, Marcelle has bred a variety of Canna hybrids over the 
years.  She worked with Herb Kelly to introduce many of them.  

I'll get this posted on a Web site someday, but for now a fairly complete 
list of her introductions is at the indicated link.

LINK:  Marcelle Sheppard's Hybrid Canna Introductions… 


Conroe Joe

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