Liz Waterman lizwat@earthlink.net
Mon, 09 Jan 2006 17:01:52 PST
I've posted some photos to the WIKI.
The Hippeastrum papillio that I got in August 2002 Bx3 from Cathy Craig 
started to open NewYear's eve.  New year's day it was fully open and a 
2nd bloom was begining to show. Today I noticed a new flower spike.  
Thank you, Cathy; they really are magnicficent.  Those are below the 
other Hippeastrum papillios.
In the view 4 lower left background is a  clump of Bomarea flowers.  Not 
sure what species but they are from Telos.  A somewhat better picture is 
near the bottom of the Bomarea page.
Liz Waterman



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