Lilium Pardalinum Seed

Kelly O'Neill
Mon, 23 Jan 2006 01:47:02 PST
> Griffiths' general recommendation was to scatter the seed in drills one
> inch deep in August and to expect germination (i.e. leaves above ground)
> the following spring. 

I seem to recall Lilium needing light for germ., and so, shallow 
sowing is my usual plan. An inch deep would keep moisture 
consistent - very helpful. I am tempted to try deeper.
I may have missed the original message suggesting edge 
sowing.  For thin flat seeds that put out a root in the cold 
season and then wait until spring to send up a leaf (like these 
lilies, I think), I would expect the old seed shell would be gone 
or mush by the time the leaf pushed up. I wonder what the 
reason edge sowing might be helpful. If there was overlapping, 
that might lead to rot. Maybe the procedure just helps avoid 
overlap? If it was explained earlier, no need to repeat.  KellyO

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