Delphinium seed

Linda Foulis
Sun, 22 Jan 2006 22:12:54 PST

Your findings with Delphinium seed don't really surprise me Mary Sue.
I'm starting to find that their viability is much longer as well and
only needs the right conditions to trigger germination.

Delph zalil did not germinate for me until spending a winter outdoors (zone
We had heavy snowfall that year too.

I also found recently, using Alberto's method of germination, that the
area surrounding the delph seed became stained with whatever was being
off of the seed.  Might this indicate that their is an inhibitor on the seed
coat?  That particular seed was from 2003 as well and I got 100% germination
in 27 days, providing cooler temps.  However this was seed from my garden
and I've always better germination rates with my seed.

Linda Foulis

Okotoks, AB    Canada
Are we going to have winter this year?  My camassia are still coming up!

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