Best bulb fertilizer--Archive Search

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 16 Jan 2006 07:44:44 PST
Dear Darren,

We welcome all bulb questions. People join our list all the time and won't 
know what has been discussed before.  And besides I think the answers 
sometimes change as we gather more experience. So please don't stop asking 
questions and anyone who has a suggestion for the best fertilizer for 
Hippeastrum hybrids, Gladiolus hybrids, and Lilium longifolium please respond.

On the other hand sometimes people won't take the time to answer if 
something has been discussed thoroughly before so checking with the 
archives can be very helpful. It used to be much easier to search our 
archives since there was a global search on our archive page. But with an 
updated program that is no longer possible. This formula on Google =
works quite well however. I have placed the formula on   in case you forget it. But then you have to 
remember where to find it I guess.

It is:
+[pbs] [search terms] site:///

So in this case I put this in the google search box:
+[pbs] [fertilizer] site:///

and came up with 261 hits. Changing fertilizer to fertilize generates a few 
more. They won't all be what you are looking for, but there will be some 
wonderful posts from the past found that way. I remember Gordon Summerfield 
had suggested what worked for him with South African bulbs so if I wanted 
to find that I'd do:
+[pbs] [fertilizer Summerfield] site:///

Learning how to search on Google is very helpful as otherwise you get too 
many hits. Even though it is off topic some of you may want to share your 
tips on searching.

Mary Sue

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