Is that thing an epicotyl? No, it's not.

Jim McKenney
Fri, 21 Jul 2006 18:54:13 PDT
Joe, I haven't seen a germinating Crinum seed in years, but as I recall the
ones I've seen germinate like Hymenocallis liriosme.

Here's how I interpret it: 

I think what you are seeing is a combination of the cotyledon and the
hypocotyl. Being a monocot, Crinum has only one cotyledon, and it typically
remains attached to the seed and may not appear above ground.  There is a
point along that cotyledon-hypocotyl axis  where this axis thickens and the
incipient bulb begins to differentiate; the first true leaf will emerge from
this area; that's the epicotyl. Anything distal along that axis is

Jim McKenney

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