Spanish iris etc

Jim McKenney
Fri, 21 Jul 2006 19:32:53 PDT
Just as there is a difference between what one orders and what one receives,
there can be a difference between what is commonly accepted to be true and
what really exists. 

In particular, what should we make of the name Iris x anglica? I don't mean
the name Iris anglica, which is an old synonym of Iris latifolia. I mean the
horticultural name Iris x anglica. This is the name used by some continental
writers to name the garden forms of English irises. The implication is that
they are not simply Iris latifolia cultivars. 

When Jim Waddick says " Theoretically there can be NO hybrid English or
Spanish Iris, 
by definition these would be Dutch Iris (all hybrids)."

I think I understand what he is trying to say here, but in fact it's more
likely that the Spanish irises and maybe the English irises too are in fact
hybrids. When Jim Waddick says that there can be no hybrid English or
Spanish irises, I think what he meant to say is that no inter-specific
hybrid can properly belong to those groups. 

But the existing forms doubtless arose from infra-specific hybridization.
That's what horticulturists do best: mix it all up to see what they'll get. 

Cultivated corn is attributed to a single species, Zea mays, yet the widely
grown corns of today are almost always described as hybrids. 

Jim McKenney

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