Spanish iris etc

John Grimshaw
Fri, 21 Jul 2006 23:29:27 PDT
Jim Waddick wrote, about obtaining named cultivars:

> And what you order and what you get are two very distinct things.
> I think you'd have better luck dealing directly with a high
> quality English Bulb Dealer such as Pottertons or similar. Mayube
> other members can make a suggestion.

This OK if the plant in question is a rarity not produced by the Dutch 
growers, but the vast majority of familiar named cultivars ARE produced by 
the Dutch and retailed by the likes of Pottertons, Avon Bubs, Broadleigh 
Gardens etc. They do not produce their own stock of standard commercial 
items, although all grow the choicer special things for which they have good 

The issue of misnamed Dutch bulbs is a big problem and it really needs a 
test case under trading standards legislation to sort out.

John Grimshaw

Dr John M. Grimshaw
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