Hardy Bulbs

J.E. Shields jshields104@insightbb.com
Sun, 16 Jul 2006 13:24:08 PDT
Hi all,

The Crinum variabile are in bloom now.  This is earlier than usual for 
them.  Note that these are growing in the ground year-round here.  These 
are in a raised bed of highly improved topsoil, about 15 feet from the 
south end of the big greenhouse.  I have never been able to get these to 
bloom in containers.  Since they seem perfectly hardy in the ground, it is 
very convenient to grow them that way, and the bloom like crazy in July or 

Various Crinum grow around the east and south sides of one of the older and 
smaller greenhouses.  About to bloom again is Crinum 'Catherine', while a 
couple of pink 'J.C. Harvey'-like hybrids have been blooming for 
weeks.  The various C. bulbispermum seem to have bloomed out after only 2 
or 3 scapes apiece.  All these are also in the ground.

Growing right up against the east wall of this same greenhouse, a bunch of 
Zantedeschia 'Black Pearl' are in bloom now.  Just in front of 'Black 
Pearl' is another hardy Gladiolus, probably volunteers of G. imbricatus 
from a dumped seed pot.  I just collected a few seeds from this glad.

Galtonia candicans is in bloom now too.  Galtonia candicans is also hardy 
in the ground here, in selected beds.  They don't like low-lying beds or 
clay soil!  They are doing great in a raised bed made of composted leaves, 
topsoil, and coarse brown sand.

Gladiolus oppositiflorus salmoneus is also hardy here in spots.  They have 
not bloomed yet this summere.  They are growing in the same bed as the 
Crinum variabile.  Planted among the Galtonia, all the glads 
disappeared.  I suspect that was due to mice more than to weather.

Jim Shields
in very hot central Indiana (USA)

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