Crinum self-promotion

Joe Shaw
Sun, 16 Jul 2006 12:32:57 PDT
Hi Gang,

If you follow the link below, you can find some photos I put up on the Texas 
Garden Web Forum to advertize a talk on Crinum.  The talk will be about 
plants that do well along the Gulf Coast.   Crinum don't like it here very 
much but some do very well.  With care some of the other species can be 
grown. Dave L. has written a good article in this regard, see the second 

LINK:  Crinum Photo Montage…

LINK:  Cultivation of African Crinum in Pots and Tubs, Dave L., 1996, 
Herbertia, reproduced by permission of the International Bulb Society (an 
organization devoted to the enjoyment and cultivation of bulbs).…

A while back someone requested that the talk be video taped.  That is not in 
the works, but the PowerPoint presentation can be mailed out to Bulb or 
Garden clubs, etc.   Just write to me off list and I'll see what can be 


Hot, hot, hot today in Conroe.  I'm watering everything and the plants want 
more water.

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