Not a Bulb (a bit off topic geophyte note)
Fri, 16 Jun 2006 14:01:00 PDT
Dear Alberta,
it was with great interest that I read your mail. What really caught my
interest was your referral to "These Germans". For Germans the location
of Puna bonnieaa is a little out of the way. What indications do you
have that the culprits were Germans? And if that is the case what are
your custom people doing? I was really annoyed to hear that people are
doing such an aweful thing to nature.
 "Alberto Castillo" <> schrieb:
> Dear Jane:
>                How interesting to hear you mentioning lovely Bonnie. That 
> expedition was a memorable time, the fourth member was a man from a Texas 
> Botanic Garden. Lot of fun.
> SAY, other than the couple of original specimens to make the herbarium 
> vouchers, etc., is a result of the plundering expeditions that have been 
> taken of late, mostly from people from Germany that come and wipe out the 
> populations of the rarer cacti TO SELL, like these that are true geophytes, 
> the aerial part being a fleshy" button with a big underground "tuber".
>                If you people see these extremely unusual cacti for sale, do 
> make your contribution to Nature by not buying them no matter how mouth 
> watering they look and spread the word. Wild populations are small and these 
> Germans collect them to the last plant. Extensive evidence of recent 
> activities of the kind leave only the spots plain bare. AND, these cacti are 
> extremely slow growing therefore it is impossible that they have adult "seed 
> grown" plants.
>                I appeal to your decency and conscience to spread the word, 
> people. I know most of you are here for your love of plants and would not 
> render a species extinct for childish greed.
> All the best
> Alberto
> Ezeiza Botanical Garden
> Argentina
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> >It was enjoyable to see this mention and posting of Puna bonnieae, since it
> >was discovered by a friend of mine here in Portland, Bonnie Brunkow Olson,
> >and named in her honor when it was described. She was on a plant-hunting
> >expedition with Sean Hogan, Parker Sanderson, and I think one or two other
> >people in Argentina at that time.
> >
> >If this plant is being cultivated in North America, we'd love to get a bit
> >of it going here in Portland.
> >
> >Jane McGary
> >Northwestern Oregon, USA
> >
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