Not a Bulb (a bit off topic geophyte note)

Alberto Castillo
Fri, 16 Jun 2006 14:27:34 PDT
Hi Gerhard:
                You raise an interesting point: the culprits for the 
plundering of cacti are not those that come, collect them illegally, sneak 
them through the borders and take them to Europe where they reach 
interesting prices but the Customs people that do not guess they are doing 
this. Along the same lines, someone was explaining some time ago that the 
origin of current global warming is the FUTURE development of China and 
India. I am not smart enough to undestand these reasonings, I must confess.
                When I say "these Germans" of course I am referring to the 
few that are doing this plundering. Probably 99,99% of all people living in 
Germany is not involved nor will ever have any idea that this is happening. 
But, a small band will pay high prices without asking too much, don't you 
think so?

Best wishes
Alberto Castillo

>From: (Gerhard Stickroth)
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>Subject: Re: [pbs] Not a Bulb (a bit off topic geophyte note)
>Date: 16 Jun 2006 21:01 GMT
>Dear Alberta,
>it was with great interest that I read your mail. What really caught my
>interest was your referral to "These Germans". For Germans the location
>of Puna bonnieaa is a little out of the way. What indications do you
>have that the culprits were Germans? And if that is the case what are
>your custom people doing? I was really annoyed to hear that people are
>doing such an aweful thing to nature.
>  "Alberto Castillo" <> schrieb:
> > Dear Jane:
> >                How interesting to hear you mentioning lovely Bonnie. 
> > expedition was a memorable time, the fourth member was a man from a 
> > Botanic Garden. Lot of fun.
> > SAY, other than the couple of original specimens to make the herbarium
> > vouchers, etc., is a result of the plundering expeditions that have been
> > taken of late, mostly from people from Germany that come and wipe out 
> > populations of the rarer cacti TO SELL, like these that are true 
> > the aerial part being a fleshy" button with a big underground "tuber".
> >                If you people see these extremely unusual cacti for sale, 
> > make your contribution to Nature by not buying them no matter how mouth
> > watering they look and spread the word. Wild populations are small and 
> > Germans collect them to the last plant. Extensive evidence of recent
> > activities of the kind leave only the spots plain bare. AND, these cacti 
> > extremely slow growing therefore it is impossible that they have adult 
> > grown" plants.
> >                I appeal to your decency and conscience to spread the 
> > people. I know most of you are here for your love of plants and would 
> > render a species extinct for childish greed.
> >
> >
> > All the best
> > Alberto
> > Ezeiza Botanical Garden
> > Argentina

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