James Waddick
Tue, 06 Jun 2006 13:29:54 PDT
>       Another camas that is a favorite here is the eastern C 
>scilloides that flowers dependably but increases only slowly by 
>offsets.  Its light blue flowers are always welcome in May.  Unlike 
>Jane, I admire C. cusickii very much and always await its long 
>racemes of light blue florets with keen anticipation.

Dear all'
	Jerry F mention this species common to a farm I own about 100 
miles south of home in E Kansas.  Unlike leichtlinii which is one of 
favorites, C. scilloides is a washed out dullard. It is extremely 
abundant on dry rocky prairie hillsides, even the gravel driveway 
unlike the moisture loving C. leictlinii.  I find the color too pale 
to get excited about pale blue fading to grey.

	I took a look to confirm this name and was surprised to find 
that a second Camassia should also be found on the farm - C. angusta 
which blooms later with more flowers of a richer blue-purple color 
in a similar habitat. I don't know that i have ever seen it though. 
Maybe I just dismiss the dull C. scilloides and failed to even notice!

	Jane your C. 'Puget Blue' sounds great. Will you offer bulbs 
this summer?

		Best	Jim W.
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