Camassia (was On trilliums and more)
Tue, 06 Jun 2006 12:52:23 PDT
       There is a camas that has been in the trade for many years ( though I haven't seen in it several years ) that is sold as C.quamash ' San Juan Form ' . It is a very desirable garden plant.  Substantial dark blue flowers on a very short stem.  Despite the name it is actually a dwarf form of C. leichtlinii var.  suksdorfii.  The epithet suksdorfii covers all the blue forms as opposed to the creamy white type plant of C leichtlinii var. leichtlinii that only grows around the Roseburg, Oregon area. C leichtlinii var.  suksdorfii occasionally has white forms that are distinct from the creamy type, though in my experience not such  valuable  garden plants as the type.
      Another camas that is a favorite here is the eastern C scilloides that flowers dependably but increases only slowly by offsets.  Its light blue flowers are always welcome in May.  Unlike Jane, I admire C. cusickii very much and always await its long racemes of light blue florets with keen anticipation.
    The very rare southern Oregon C howellii with its medium dark flowers grows here but with no abandon.
Jerry John Flintoff
Vashon Island,Washington,USA
Zone 8
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