Blue Iris needs ID

Joe Shaw
Wed, 07 Jun 2006 15:34:55 PDT
Hi Gang,

Please let me know the identity of a wildflower I saw in New Mexico.

I was in New Mexico recently and found some lovely iris plants (native I 
guess) near Las Vegas.  The area is quite a desert, but on the road out of 
town (Hwy 104, to the east of town) I found a lot of irises growing.  They 
were really pretty, pale-blue  to white-blue.

They grew in clumps and when I dug down I could see they were bulb-type 
irises.  They grew alongside the road where water would collect from rains 
and snow melt.  I didn't see them anywhere else in New Mexico.

They were in full bloom on May 23, 2006.  The elevation is about 6,500-7,000 
ft (about 2,050 meters).

I just buried the bulbs and left but but I'll bet there will be lots of 
seeds soon, as you leave Las Vegas; the bulbs were in patches here and there 
for the first 3 miles after you leave the buildings behind.  Sometimes they 
were quite numerous, other times clumps were separated by 100 ft. or more. 
They were on both sides of the road, but most numerous on the north side.


Hot and not too humid in Houston today, about 93 F, no rain for about a 

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