Bulb seedlings

Jacinda and Barry barryandjac@bigpond.com
Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:19:35 PDT
Hi Jim,

I had a feeling when I posted my note that i would be picked up for this.  I
meant Garlic Chives!  Oops!  We grow our garlic from cloves.

Thanks for your posting on seed growing and repotting of seedlings.  It is
going to be very helpful to me!  I have not long been growing bulbs from
seeds and am very definitely a Novice still.

Are Canna lilies easy to grow from seed?  I have two of the Dwarf Tropical
Rose Canna.  It self seeded so goodness knows what I'll get.  How long till
flowering from sowing do you think?  Any tips?

All advice greatly appreciated.


Wilson, West. Australia

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