Canna Lily seeds

Geoffrey Barnier
Wed, 14 Jun 2006 14:14:43 PDT
Hi Jacinda in WA,

Canna lilies are classed by my local authority in Northern NSW as a recognised environmental weed (invasive naturalised species):…

Cannas are also listed in parts of Queensland as weeds: environmental/pdf/assessment_invasive_plants.pdf 

Although it is still legal for them to be grown & sold in those areas unless they're declared noxious, the authorities would prefer that you didn't. Or, if you must grow them, to grow them in containers & prevent distribution of seed. About 67% of environmental weeds in Australia are garden escapees.

Your local council's website should list weeds in your area or contact your Council's Environmental Health dept.: you may get a few surprises.  Living in Coffee Camp, I planted a small coffee tree on either side of my house's entrance.  The Environment Officer told me to get rid of them.

In any event, you shouldn't have any trouble growing cannas. Scarifying & soaking the seed overnight will increase the germination rate.  Keep warm & moist until germination; start off indoors now that's it's winter. Beware of root mealy bugs if you have them; of all my geophytes, the mealy bugs seem to like Canna best, esp. seedlings. They should flower in their first year.

Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia

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