Not a Bulb (a bit off topic geophyte note)

Joe Shaw
Wed, 14 Jun 2006 15:30:37 PDT
Not a Bulb (off topic a bit)

My email friend Willy in Argentina sent me some images of my cactus Web 
site.  One plant is a remarkable geophyte.  It is a cactus, not too 
distantly related to prickly pears.  It lives mostly underground in its 
truly hostile desert environment.

The tip of the stem barely shows at the surface.  Most of the stem is 
underground.  The low profile allows the cactus to avoid excess heat and 
drying winds.  However, when it rains the little plant expands a bit 
(accordion- or telescope-like) and takes advantage of a bit more exposure to 
sunlight to carry on the business of photosynthesis.  But, even in the best 
of times the plants is mostly underground..

In the garden it can make stems, but it seldom does so in the driest regions 
of its natural range.

LINK:  Puna bonnieae, third row down, middle and left thumbnails…



The first Amarcrinum of the year is blooming.  It is a light-pink, intensely 
fragrant hybrid created by Les Hannibal.  They sure stand up to the heat. 

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