Canna Lily seeds

Jacinda and Barry
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 01:10:28 PDT
Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for advising about the weed potential of Canna Lilies.  I have not
checked out what are classified as weeds for WA yet but will do so.

WA as you may already be aware has a huge problem with Watsonia, Arum Lilies
and Pampas Grass.  I am sure that there are many others but can't remember
them all off the top of my head.

I have been meaning to ask if anyone knows why Eremurus are not allowed to
be sent to West. Australia now.  Can anyone tell me?  What is their weed
potential?  I have never grown them myself but am now regretting I did not
try to obtain some a few years ago.

On the subject of Arum Lilies.  They have never been a pest for me and
neither have Canna Lilies.

Will post this to the Aust. Bulb Association also to get their opinions.

Wilson, Western Australia

where it is Winter, 21degrees and sunny!

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