OT: Warning on Mulch -- USA/urban legend

Susan Hayek susanann@sbcglobal.net
Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:18:35 PST
At 3:35 PM -0800 3/12/06, Ron Vanderhoff wrote:
>   Ron Vanderhoff
>   In coastal southern California where the snow level fell to 1,500 
>feet yesterday. Brrrr.

**And in north Northern coastal CA, snow level is at 500 feet. We got 
so much hail it looked like snow covering the ground.
Not a happy event for my bulbs or my more temperate shrubs.


susan hayek, North Coast of CA, USA, zone 9b, Sunset zone 17.
15 miles south of Eureka, CA, overlooking the Eel River, with a peek 
of the ocean.

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