Weather and bulbs

Boyce Tankersley
Mon, 20 Mar 2006 06:37:05 PST
The weather this year in Chicago reminds me of north-central Texas with
wild swings between winter and spring-like weather. The results were
(for the 7 years we lived in Ft. Worth) typically a so-so bloom for the
spring bulbs and frequently foliar and bud damage. For the first time
yesterday I noticed spring flowering Colchicum, Muscari, Galanthus,
winter aconites and Crocus all in flower - not in drifts and waves (like
they are planted in) but rather as spotty flowers here and there. These
are in my home garden.

Boyce Tankersley

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Dear All;
	Just a note of frustration due to the very odd weather this 
year. We are a few days from the official first day of spring, but 
I'd say we are already in mid-to late Daffodil season with most early 
bulbs (from Reticultata iris to Aconites and Crocus finished) and 
other mid season bulbs starting up (Chinodoxa, Early tulips). We've 
had two hard freezes(near 0 F) that have caused damage to foliage and 
flower buds. Now everything is swelling buds from peonies to redbuds 
and a forecast calls for lows of between 19 and 12F.
	Fritillaria persica is up and flower buds are emerging from 
foliage and beginning to color up. Dracunculus has foliage emerging 
from the sheaths.  Camassia are almost in full foliage. Glads are up 
a foot or so. Can they take temps in the teens?

	This year's roller coaster weather is more extreme than 
usual. I'd estimate 90% loss of hellebore flowers and 10 - 30% loss 
of daffodils from frozen buds, frozen stems, 1 inch plus hail  and 
heavy snow fall.

	Things are up and blooming way off schedule and the results 
is already a pitiful bloom season.

	From stormy Kansas City		Best	Jim W.
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