weather..where we live

Adam Fikso
Mon, 20 Mar 2006 09:46:17 PST
Boyce? (and others discussing this difficult weather)--  Boyce is further 
north than I about 30 miles and somewhat further inland from Lake Michigan. 
So I'm surprised that his stuff is ahead of mine.  His temperatures have 
been colder.   My galanthus are not showing and I'm wondering if they've 

 I have a few yellow species crocus blooming. Muscari up about an inch, but 
no bloom.  Fritillaria  michailowskii up about 2", a few lycoris (chinensis? 
and radiata)   up about 3-5". Tree peonies still in very tight brown buds 
and no sign of any speeded growth. Kauffmaniana and Greigii  tulips showing. 
Other species tulips showing above ground and growing.   Iris spuria up 
about 5" .  Arilbred hybrid irises slowly growing and increasing in size. 
Hellebores showing flower buds and new leaf growths, old leaves are totally 
browned and flat on the ground.  Herbaceous peonies not showing above 
ground.  Adam in Glenview.

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