Scilla bifolia, etc

Jane McGary
Fri, 24 Mar 2006 09:11:29 PST
John Grimshaw wrote,
 >The version really worth growing is S. bifolia 'Praecox' (this name
>may not be strictly correct). As the name suggests, it is early, usually
>with the snowdrops, but it's advantage is that it is about 3 times bigger
>than normal and has many more flowers of a particularly rich blue. The stems
>are also usually dark red. It's a really choice plant but not commercially
>available, which is a great shame.

This sounds very like the form I have here, which is quite large as I 
mentioned in an earlier posting and has dark reddish stems. I got it from 
Hoog & Dix some years ago, but it didn't carry any cultivar name, as far as 
I recall. Perhaps I should add it to my summer bulb list if it's more 
desirable than the typical one. I had just been considering it a pest in 
the bulb frame!

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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