Scilla Bifolia

Fri, 24 Mar 2006 09:00:20 PST
Amazing the difference in slug palates around the world. I have a major slug
and snail problem (making Hostas impossible) but grow Liliaceae because my
slugs don't eat them: includes Scilla.

(Oh and I have a large frog and toad population who keep them somewhat at

(Western UK)

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I grow Scilla siberica and several types of Chionodoxa in my mild, wet
winters and very hot summers.  They currently get supplemental irrigation
and have returned for several years.  The Scilla siberica is a slug magnet,
preferred to almost anything else except for Hyacinths.  Could this account
for its ephemeral nature in other gardens?  Those in pots are somewhat more
protected and I actually got to see flowers this year.  All of the above are
currently in spectacular bloom in my garden right now.

Northern California, zone 8/9, unusually wet this winter with 80+ inches of
rain, currently raining.  Very hot dry long summers.  Lachenalia are in
bloom and the common Muscaris are just starting.  The Hellebores from
Tasmanian seed bloomed for the first time this year and I have numerous
doubles and semidoubles.  I love variety.
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