Weather and bulbs

aaron floden
Sun, 19 Mar 2006 18:56:29 PST
 And then theres my Z5 garden a half and hour to the
south of Jim Waddick. My Narcissus are just starting.
Waitieri(?) is showing buds again and as many as 2
dozen seedlings sprouting around it! My Hellebores are
in prime bloom with little damage besides some of the
flowers losing there sexual bits.

 Why is my garden so different? Well, we have
extremely different soils, i.e. mine is full of
limestone bedrock and Jim has no stone. Mine is gummy
clay when wet, rock when dry, and only "perfect" soil
after the late winter freeze thaw cycle. Jims is
Loess, I think. Maybe mine holds the cold in in better
or something. Jims slope faces west and mine faces
south so we both get the brunt of the suns heat in the

 No Aroids showing yet. The Magnolia stellata are
slightly browned, but when are they not?

 Not much distance between us but, extremely different
timing on the plants. 

 All the best, 
 Aaron Floden
 Z5 Stilwell, KS

--- Jim McKenney <> wrote:

> My condolences to Jim Waddick and others who are on
> the receiving end of
> this year's bizarre and bad weather conditions. A
> ninety percent loss of
> hellebore flowers and ten to thirty percent loss of
> daffodil flowers are
> losses I've never experienced - and never want to
> experience. 
> Incidentally, Jim Waddick's zone 5 Kansas City
> garden seems to be on about
> the same schedule as my zone 7 Montgomery County,
> Maryland garden. 
> Jim McKenney 
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