further on bounce uses

Adam Fikso irisman@ameritech.net
Fri, 31 Mar 2006 10:30:53 PST
I just checked further into Bounce uses ,real and imagined.  On the Snopes 
website some of the "uses" had been checked out.  Some are real, some are 
urban legends, some have the status of water or a placebo.  It apparently 
does not repel ants, nor mosquitos in any great quantity.  It is a good 
deodorizer for shoes, and I understand from a friend who uses that it does 
repel slugs and snails in his greenhouse.
More research with simple control tests (primitive straightforward kitchen 
and backyard research is OK) needs to be done re: uses in the garden, e.g., 
moles, deer, etc.  Cheers, Adam 

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