dryer sheets in your garden.

Adam Fikso irisman@ameritech.net
Fri, 31 Mar 2006 09:19:30 PST
To all:  Yes, it matters which ones. Bounce is considered to be the superior 
ones or whichever others contain the relevant chemistry. it' not clear what 
does it.  (It's not the static). The sheets are also a barier  to assaults 
by slugs and snails, asnd have emany other similr uses.  The post office (in 
some areas) has told mail carriers who are vulnerable to yellowjacket stings 
to tie one to their belt when they are in areas that might put them at risk.

For those who want to know more:  type in-- bounce uses-- to your search 
window .  (I use Dogpile which incorporates Google)  and the first item 
which comes up has a list. Cheers, Adam 

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