Crinum seeds, Jumbos
Mon, 08 May 2006 15:59:18 PDT
Hi Gang,

I'm happy to report that Marcelle Sheppard has provided a very large amount 
of hybrid Crinum seed that I will send to the PBX.  

I visited with Marcelle Sheppard last weekend, and while she has a bumper 
crop of seeds from many C. bulbispermum-Jumbo-type plants, she was unable to sort 
them or categorize them by "color of the seed parent," etc.  However, she's 
been recovering well enough from her accident last year and has been out in the 
garden with a helper.  She did collect seeds from outstanding parents and set 
those aside, and she discarded seeds from plants that have not proven to 
provide good seedlings.
All of the seeds are open pollinated; thus, most will have Jumbos as other 
parents but a few could perhaps have other parentage as well.  At this stage in 
their evolution the Jumbos can throw off anything from dark, solid, rose-pink 
flowers, to flowers that are nearly white or all-white.  Some are charmingly 
like C. x herbertii and others are dark striped on pink.  If you get these 
seeds you'll just have to grow them out to see what is what.  Many have blue-green 
foliage, but some come up with shiny green leaves.  
Marcelle provided a lot of seed.    
LINK:  C. bulbispermum Jumbos…  



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