Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 08 May 2006 15:49:51 PDT

All this talk of Babiana came about because I mentioned that it does 
beautifully planted in the ground in my coastal Northern California climate 
where this year it got 70 inches of rain during our winter and where it 
will be dry it looks like now until fall. When I lived in central 
California where the days often were hot (but it cooled down at night) it 
also did well. I watered my summer garden there and the Babianas tolerated 
this. Interestingly my current batch of thousands are descendants of some I 
grew from seed when I lived in Stockton. I also grow some species that are 
in pots nestled in pots in my raised bed. They do fine too as long as we 
have a little dry weather when they decide to bloom.

My experience with South African Irids I tried to change over from the 
southern hemisphere was that keeping them warm not cold prevented them from 
starting into growth. It was the cool temps that told them now is time to 
grow. But even keeping them warm, at some stage they were just wanting to 
grow and sprouted.

Also I mentioned earlier that when I gave these to the BX before, there was 
little demand. At least two people who got them have written me privately 
and said theirs did great and they'd love more. But both of these people 
live in California. I believe when we have discussed this before others 
said they had no luck growing them. If people in borderline cold areas want 
to trial them I can probably supply some more to the BX for list 
distribution. But only if people want them. Otherwise they will all go to 
the two who asked for them.

Mary Sue

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