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I have been growing Babiana rubrocyana for years. Most of them are outdoors 
but this past winter I planted about 30 2" rose pots (about 4" deep. They 
didn't seem to mind and bloomed quite well.  They don't seem to mind my 
summer irrigation which is minimal.
 A taller one (about a foot, dark blue but I don't know the species) bloomed 
in 4" standard pots but didn't seem too happy.

Richard Wagner
San Diego

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>> The only Babiana I've grown is the one offered by Park Seed,
>> among others (B stricta??). It arrived in the spring, and didn't flower.
>> Next spring it came up, but didn't flower. It slowly dwindled, and after
>> about five years didn't return. I never saw a flower.
> They're strict winter growers. They require wet growing conditions and
> very deep pots to bloom. I haven't been to S Africa but several friends of
> mine who have say many Babiana grow in wet ditches along roads.
> I've bloomed the ones from Park, which I don't think are B. stricta, but
> hybrids. The trick is getting them through the first summer.
> They arrive in early spring. Put them into the crisper drawer of your
> refrigerator until late fall.
> In the fall remove them, put them in DEEP pots with a sandy soil mix. I
> doubt a standard US 1 gallon pot (about 8" / 20cm deep) is deep enough. I
> use deeper pots than this.
> Plant about 2" / 5cm deep. They will pull themselves down. Water heavily
> once. Then water heavily about once a week.
> After they sprout, be sure to keep them very wet. Give them sun, daytime
> temperatures above freezing, and nights not below about 20F / -5C. They'll
> bloom.
> If your climate outside is too cold for this, you'll need a greenhouse
> that gets quite cool at night.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA
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