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Max Withers
Wed, 24 May 2006 11:28:50 PDT
I just want to point out that gluttons for detail can always resort to 
flickr, which has become an extremely useful botanical site because of 
"tags". To wit, this 2272 x 1704 macro of what is probably a Calochortus 
(warning: 1.8 MB!)

Which I found easily by going here:
For calochortus, substitute whatever genus you're looking for in the url 

Of course your mileage may vary depending on what you're looking for, 
and the best pictures may not be properly labeled. There is also a 
search function, which works differently than tags:

Finally, there are many user-created groups of varying specificity. The 
plant-related ones are mostly listed here.

I hope I don't sound like too much of a shill, but I've only recently 
discovered how useful flickr can be.

Max Withers

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> Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 11:33:07 -0700
> From: Mary Sue Ittner <>
> Subject: [pbs] Using the Wiki
> To:
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> Dear All,
> We are pleased to have all the recent activity on the wiki. Giorgio has 
> continued to add a lot of wonderful Aroid pictures. Our Arisaema wiki page 
> continues to grow and we now have so many different species illustrated and 
> he is adding other Aroids too. Rodger Whitlock has added some very 
> interesting text and a lot of additional reference books on bulbs to our 
> Reference wiki page. Reading some of his comments since he gives his frank 
> opinions makes me smile. Jay Yourch has been adding to the Crinum pages 
> including many new hybrids and some wild species photographed in South 
> Africa by Cameron McMaster. We haven't quite had time to complete the Iris 
> page divisions, but will do so as we have time and are grateful to Jim 
> McKenney's new additions and are happy to welcome Max Withers as a new wiki 
> contributor. The more who contribute the more there is to share with all 
> those people who are eager to learn more.
> Susan and I put in a lot of time almost every day on the wiki and this is a 
> heartfelt plea to please follow the instructions about using the wiki. When 
> we ask you to name the files a certain way it is so we can keep track of 
> them and when we ask you to resize them a certain way it is so people with 
> dial up connections and small screens can easily see them. If you follow 
> your own rules instead of ours it just means that we have to change what 
> you have done and that takes us time we could spend on something more 
> useful. I know that more and more people have high speed connections and 
> new computers and it is tempting to be able to send pictures that can be 
> seen to their best advantage so I understand the desire to do that. Please 
> just keep in mind that not everyone is equally fortunate in what they have.

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