Notes on growing crinum seed

Dell Sherk
Wed, 24 May 2006 13:18:37 PDT
Here are a few suggestions from Marcelle Shepherd and Joe Shaw on growing
the crinum seed from BX 119:



"Be sure to let members know that small seeds (pea-sized) are just fine but
they may need a bit of extra humidity during the whole germination process.


They are small and can dry out easily.  Some folks put them in a ziplock bag
with a teaspoon of water.  Some folks cover the seed pot with plastic wrap.
Marcelle uses peat moss and has several methods.  The method I like best
(from Marcelle) is to use a plastic cake container; you'll get such a
container when you buy an inexpensive cake at a supermarket.  Marcelle turns
it upside down, puts in about 1 1/2 inches of not-too-wet peat moss, and
then lets the seeds germinate; they don't even need to be too near a window.
The peat moss retards most rots and the whole affair keeps humidity in.  She
never over wets the peat moss; if it feels wet then it is too wet.  Seeds
have lasted for many months for her on her laundry porch, well over 10
months, before they decide to germinate."


Thank you, Joe and Marcelle!!



BTW:  packages are in the mail. Enjoy !!




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