James Waddick
Wed, 03 May 2006 09:21:14 PDT
Dear Mary Sue and all;
	This must be quick.

1)	Recently published was a change of Genus for Belamcanda and 
The latter has been variously called Pardanthopsis dichotoma or Iris 
dichotoma, the Vesper iris, and is the  sole member of the genus.
	It is a parent along with Belamcanda chinensis of the Candy 
lilies x Pardancanda.

	Recent taxonomic genetic work has confirmed both as members 
of the genus Iris.

	Pardanthopsis easily reverts to Iris dichotoma.

	Belamcanda is fraught with problems of priority and 
established names so must revert to the oldest available name and is 
now known as Iris domestica (this may take some getting used to).

2)	Iris species cultivar names are all explained in an excellent 
publication by SIGNA called 'Alphabetical cutlivar list of species, 
their variations and hybrids."

	The cultivar 'White Angel' is registered as a cultivar of 
Iris douglasiana, so may not be used with Iris cristata.
	There is an unregistered "Eco White Angel" for an Iris 
cristata , but this is not a valid, registered name.

	"Shenandoah Sky" is an unregistered name for a form of Iris cristata.
	There is no "Shenandoah Skies'.

	Registered cultivar names are always written with single 
quotation marks.

	Mary Sue, if you have questions about names, I'd be glad to 
refer to the cultivar list and verify names for you.

		Best		Jim W.

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